Ambersil 31588 AA Contact Cleaner FG 400ml

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Ambersil cleaners and lubricants

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Ambersil Contact Cleaner FG is a highly-effective blend of cleaning solvents which contains no chlorinated solvents, alcohols or Glycol ethers and is safe for use in food processing equipment.

Contact Cleaner FG improves the performance and reliability of electrical and electronic equipment by preventing contact failures or malfunctions by dissolving and rinsing away contaminants which may otherwise hold moisture and cause corrosion or arcing.


  • NSF K2 registered (N° 139627) for use in the food industry
  • Safe for all metal surfaces, most rubbers, plastics and coatings
  • Non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • Fast cleaning action
  • Removes flux traces, light oils and other contaminants
  • Prolongs the life expectancy of components
  • Evaporates completely, leaving no residue
  • Fitted with 360° spray for use at all angles, even upside-down
  • Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning of: PCBs, electrical contacts and switches, tape heads, electrical and electronic assemblies, relays, transistors, condensers, precision instruments, electric motors, communications equipment, etc.
  • Ambersil type 31588-AA

Not for use on live equipmen