Cable marker – replacement for Critchley K65 – black on yellow – “6”


  • USD: $5.81
  • EUR: €5.13

Cable markers as Critchley K65



  • Oval combination marker, used for cable and wire marking, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic applications.
  • For larger diameters the POK10 marker is used in conjunction with the POH or PKH carrier strips, enabling any size of cable or pipe to be marked.
  • Specially designed oval profile eases installation and means the marker maintains its position when fitted.
  • Designed to interlock — enabling easy alignment of multiple character markings.
  • Suitable for cable diameters up to 7.0mm (cable size 4.0 – 6.0mm²).

Carrier Strip

  • Flat, wear resistant holder with two raised anchor points for quick and easy threading of cable ties.
  • Designed for multi character marking using POK10, custom printed POK markers.
  • Raised arms hold marker sleeves in place.
  • Available in black or yellow.
  • Low total marking costs.
  • NEW! 30 digit carrier strip now available.