IMPA792754 CEE BS4343 Plug 400V 3P+E 32A Red 6H IP44


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CEE BS4343 plugs and sockets


We stock a range of CEE plugs and sockets. Ip44 is for genral use and IP67 in areas of possible submersion. Yellow types are for use on 110V, Blue for 220/250V and Red for 400/440V. Withing these types we have various amperages, pin configurations and mounting methods. Please call if the connector you require is not shown.

The main brand that we stock is Famatel and their full range can be viewed here..

Famatel CEE connectors

Famatel CEE range
Famatel connectors

In addition to the Famatel range, we supply products by Menekes, Cee-Norm, Legrand and PCE  among others.

We can also offer explosionproof versions of these connectors in CEAG or Stahl brand. Call for pricing.



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