RS stock No. 795-9615 18 W T8 Fluorescent Tubes, Cool White, 1b CRI, 1400 lm, 600mm, 2ft


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Coolwhite fluorescent tube


 REPLACEMENT FOR RS Componenets discontinued line
Product Details

Narva LT-T8 COLOURLUX plus ET – IGLOO Tubes

The Narva LT-T8 COLOURLUX plus ET-IGLOO fluorescent tubes have an average life of 20,000 hours if operated with electronic preheat ballast. These tube lamps feature a specially adapted protective tube T12, with a diameter of 38 mm, which allows the LT-T8 COLOURLUX plus ET-IGLOO to reach its maximum luminous flux at 5°C of ambient temperature, therefore it can be used at lower temperatures. The light of the fluorescent lamps of the series COLOURLUX plus has a very good colour rendering. These lamp tubes are used in applications for industry, trade, commerce, public buildings, offices and private areas.

Average life time 20,000 hours
Colour rendering Ra 1B
Complies with lighting requirements for work places

Fluorescent Triphosphor

Triphosphor tubes have longer life, a lower mercury content, better colour rendering and higher lumen maintenance than their Halophosphate counterparts. The tubes are available in a variety of colour temperatures from 3000K (warm white) to 6000K (daylight)

Extended life expectancy which can be increased by upto 20,000 hours with the use of high frequency luminaires
Shatter resistant versions available which retain the fragments in the event of a breakage
Option of triphosphor tubes with internal reflectors, which reduce waste light and increase light output by up to 75%
16mm (T5) tubes provide a compact alternative to T8 tubes, offering peak performance at 35°C and typically provide 5% more efficiency in most ceiling applications when compared to equivalent T8 tubes


Nominal tube diameter – T5=16mm, T8=26mm, T9=29mm, T12=38mm