Radium Lamps

Radium Lampenwerk GmbH – Industry in the heart of the oldest town of ‘Bergisches Land’

Radium has been the specialist trade brand for light since 1904 and is Germany’s oldest active lamp manufacturer. Located in the heart of the German lighting industry, Radium is well connected in the industry and with its 230 employees an important employer in the region.

At the production site in Wipperfürth, lamps are produced in large numbers on high-tech production lines, but very complex special lamps are also manufactured there in small batches.

The Radium brand has an excellent reputation and is known by professional customers for excellent quality and customer service. In terms of sales, Radium relies on a good cooperation with specialist retailers and continues to expand international relationships. As one of the few remaining manufacturers of traditional lamps and equipped with decades of experience in the field of lighting, Radium offers the perfect conditions to scale the business sustainably and to occupy new business fields.

These are times of change – for Radium Lampenwerk GmbH, our partners like electric wholesalers and the whole market as well. The long-lasting principle of lamp and luminaire is challenged progressively every day and will be replaced by complete and complex LED solutions increasingly. So, it must still be our task in the future to anticipate change and transformation and approach these proactively. This is the only way to open up new sales possibilities, make professional and innovative products and offer personal service to you – our customers.

Radium will meet the challenge of change in order to shape it and has also taken its chance for change: A current corporate brand identity shows our forward thinking. In doing so and as a quintessence, Radium still sets onto the strengths which have always been our assets. We want to combine the advantages of our years of experience with the flexibility of a medium-sized company.

You will experience us as a highly motivated team with excellent employees. We look forward to the transformation and are absolutely positive about and really proud to start into a ’bright’ future together with you. But now, enough talk! We want to invite you, to get to know Radium on the next sites!

Radium Lamp factory
Radium Lamps
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