Chalmit Protecta X LED

Chalmit Protecta X
Product Features 

The product of hundreds of hours of study with customers, multiple designs and numerous prototypes – meet the Protecta X. Focusing on the benefits of LED technology and how it could be negatively impact through installation in a linear enclosure, our team sought to break away from linear enclosures for a superior performance. Boasting a market-leading lifespan and incredible lumen output discover some of the Protecta X’s features, below.  120,000-hour maintenance free lifespan at 25 degC
> 90,000 maintenance free hours at 60 degC
The lumen output of a 4ft linear in a lightweight and slimline package using specialised optics
A targeted bright, white output with minimal spill light
Market-leading efficacy of = 135 lm/W
Up to 50% energy savings vs traditional fluorescent fixtures
Multiple beam distributions availableNew Chalmit LED linear
Chalmit Protecta X
Chalmit battery technology

The Emergency Protecta X is powered by an innovative battery stick which can be easily slotted in and out of the side of the luminaire, even after if has been installed on site, and without needing to access/ open the driver enclosure.

Front Access Panel

Gone are the days of removing everything from a linear Enclosure, including the LED array, to install wiring. The Protecta X’s front access panel means there’s no need to take the Enclosure apart – just take off the front panel, wire and go!

Chalmit Protect X front Panel
Front Panel access
Chalmit Protecta single wing
Single wing option

Single Wing Option

The Protecta X is available as a double wing luminaire as standard but a single wing version is also available. The single wing design is ideal for handrail mounting (approx. 0.8m)  as well as easy access for installation and maintenance.

Product Details


ATEX ClassificationGroup II Category 2 GD
ApplicationZone 1 & 21Surface Mount
Battery Type6V 4Ah Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)80 CRI
Color Temperature5000 K
Construction Material – MainMarine grade aluminium body; Clear Polycarbonate Diffuser
Emergency Illumination Time90 min
Ingress ProtectionIP66IK10
Light SourceLED Array
Mounting TypeCeilingSuspendedPoleWallRail
SeriesX Series

Electrical Ratings

Lumens Per Watt135

Certifications and Compliance

Certified ListedATEXIEC ExUK ExInmetro
ComplianceFlameproof, Increased Safety (EM)
Hazardous Rating(s)Ex db eb mb IIC IIB+H2 T5 Gb (Flameproof, Increased Safety)Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP6X
Chalmit Protecta X


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