Schneider Merlin Gerin Acti9 MCB range

Schneider Acti9 range of circuit breakers was formerly listed under the Merlin gerin brand

Schneider Acti9 10kA C curve
A9F54102 A9F54102 dataA9F54202 A9F54202 dataA9F54302 A9F54302 dataA9F54402 A9F54402 data
A9F54104 A9F54104 dataA9F54204 A9F54204 dataA9F54304 A9F54304 dataA9F54404 A9F54404 data
A9F54106 A9F54106 dataA9F54206 A9F54206 dataA9F54306 A9F54306 dataA9F54406 A9F54406 data
A9F54110 A9F54110 dataA9F54210 A9F54210 dataA9F54310 A9F54310 dataA9F54410 A9F54410 data
A9F54116 A9F54116 dataA9F54216 A9F54216 dataA9F54316 A9F54316 dataA9F54416 A9F54416 data
A9F54120 A9F54120 dataA9F54220 A9F54220 dataA9F54320 A9F54320 dataA9F54420 A9F54420 data
A9F54125 A9F54125 dataA9F54225 A9F54225 dataA9F54325 A9F54325 dataA9F54425 A9F54425 data
A9F54132 A9F54132 dataA9F54232 A9F54232 dataA9F54332 A9F54332 dataA9F54432 A9F54432 data
A9F54140 A9F54140 dataA9F54240 A9F54240 dataA9F54340 A9F54340 dataA9F54440 A9F54440 data
A9F54150 A9F54150 dataA9F54250 A9F54250 dataA9F54350 A9F54350 dataA9F54450 A9F54450 data
A9F54163 A9F54163 dataA9F54263 A9F54263 dataA9F54363 A9F54363 dataA9F54463 A9F54463 data


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