Elpress KRT Copper tube terminals

Although we do not stock Elpress brand crimps. we can supply them on a short lead time or offer equivalents from stock

KRT tube terminals 10 – 500 m

Material: Cu 99.95%, tin plated Cu/Sn.Inspection hole.For stranded (class 2) Cu conductors.UL approved (10-500 mm²), DNV approved (10-400 mm²).Example of marking KRT: 16 (neck) Elpress logotype 70 10 (palm)16 = Die No. 70 = mm² 10 = palm hole for M10

Elpress copper lugs
Elpress copper tube terminals
Elpress copper tube terminals
t. No.Area mm²CuAWG/MCMScrew
KRT10-5108 AWGM5
KRT10-6108 AWGM6
KRT10-8108 AWGM8
KRT10-10108 AWGM10
KRT10-12108 AWGM12
KRT16-5166 AWGM5
KRT16-6166 AWGM6
KRT16-8166 AWGM8
KRT16-10166 AWGM10
KRT16-12166 AWGM12
KRT25-5254 AWGM5
KRT25-6254 AWGM6
KRT25-8254 AWGM8
KRT25-10254 AWGM10
KRT25-12254 AWGM12
KRT25-16254 AWG
KRT35-6352 AWGM6
KRT35-8352 AWGM8
KRT35-10352 AWGM10
KRT35-12352 AWGM12
KRT35-16352 AWG
KRT50-6501/0 AWGM6
KRT50-8501/0 AWGM8
KRT50-10501/0 AWGM10
KRT50-12501/0 AWGM12
KRT50-16501/0 AWG
KRT70-6702/0 AWG
KRT70-8702/0 AWGM8
KRT70-10702/0 AWGM10
KRT70-12702/0 AWGM12
KRT70-16702/0 AWGM16
KRT95-8953/0 AWGM8
KRT95-10953/0 AWGM10
KRT95-12953/0 AWGM12
KRT95-16953/0 AWGM16
KRT120-81204/0 AWGM8
KRT120-101204/0 AWGM10
KRT120-121204/0 AWGM12
KRT120-161204/0 AWGM16
KRT150-10150300 MCMM10
KRT150-12150300 MCMM12
KRT150-16150300 MCMM16
KRT150-20150300 MCMM20
KRT185-10185350 MCMM10
KRT185-12185350 MCMM12
KRT185-16185350 MCMM16
KRT185-20185350 MCMM20
KRT240-10240450 MCMM10
KRT240-12240450 MCMM12
KRT240-16240450 MCMM16
KRT240-20240450 MCMM20
KRT300-10300550 MCMM10
KRT300-12300550 MCMM12
KRT300-16300550 MCMM16
KRT300-20300550 MCMM20
KRT300-24300550 MCM
KRT400-12400700 MCMM12
KRT400-16400700 MCMM16
KRT400-20400700 MCMM20
KRT400-24400700 MCMM24
KRT500-12500950 MCMM12
KRT500-14500950 MCMM14
KRT500-16500950 MCMM16
KRT500-20500950 MCMM20
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