Crimps, ferrules and crimp tools

We stock a wide rangle of cable crimps, ferrules and copper crimp lugs. Contact us for trade prices. In additions to our range of crimps and connectors, we hold stock of many other electrical consumables and marine electrics items.

S/S tie gun
stainless steel tie gun

Our range includes:

Pre-insulated terminals

Copper cable lugs

Cord end ferrules

Butt terminals

C connectors

Heavy duty crimps

Right angle cable crimps

2 hole copper cable lugs

Long palm crimps

blank palm lugs

crimp tools

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Phone +44 (0)1224 594 016

Elpress end terminals

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يعقص الكابل. موصلات تجعيد. العروات الكابلات النحاسية.

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