Ambersil 30251 AA Industrial Degreaser FG 500m

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Ambersil cleaners and lubricants

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Ambersil Industrial Degreaser FG is an innovative blend of solvents that is ideal for applications where fast cleaning is necessary and where it is safe to use low flash point solvents.

It dissolves and removes greases, oils, lubricants, adhesives and contaminants from equipment, machinery, motors and metal parts.


  • NSF A8 and K1 registered (N° 140255 and 140250) for use in food industry
  • Quickly cuts through dirt and grease
  • Fast evaporation minimises downtime and leaves no residues
  • Easy ‘in-situ’ cleaning with minimal odour
  • Non-corrosive and non-staining
  • Safe on most plastics, coatings and rubbers (test prior to use)
  • Aerosol fitted with 360° spray for use at all angles, even upside down
  • Ideal for electric motors, mechanical brakes and clutches, air tools, pumps, material handling equipment, dies, generators, air conditioners and compressors, wire ropes, sprockets, moulds, chains, bearings, general degreasing, oil removal, etc.
  • Ambersil type 30251-AA