IMPA794851 Cable ties 100x3mm nylon Natural White Pk/100 ISSA7308101


Nylon cable ties


Non-releasable nylon cable ties. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours.


Releasable ties are also available


MATERIAL: High quality virgin Nylon 6.6
FLAME RESISTANCE: In accordance with UL94V2
STRENGTH: Tensile strength MIL 23190 E
TEMPERATURE RANGE: For continuous use -40°C to +85°C
Although Nylon 6.6 cable ties have a wide operating temperature, it is not recommended that they should be stored or installed at extremes of temperature.
UL: Approved
COLOURS: Natural and Black.
PACK SIZES: Cable ties up to and including 200mm in length, available in pack sizes of 100 or 1000 pieces. Please specify when ordering.
Cables ties over 200mm in length are packed in 100’s.